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Maja Houtman PamsLab

Suftal Fidda – Maja Houtman

Made up of hundreds of pieces of the fine silver chain and just nominated for the Saul Bell Award. Love it! Jewellery Maja Houtman

Saskia Noortjes PamsLab

Saskia Noortjes

At Twitter a Dutch author was complaining about small earrings which were so hard to put on, which inspired me to make pins disguised as

courage GIFs PamsLab

Love & Courage

Revolving try-out in silver for a special project “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply, gives you courage.” To be

Corona Monsters PamsLab


|A local friend told me I should make rougher jewellery, here a first try. Earrings Monsters Material silver, baroque pearls, 18k gold, rough diamonds Price €330


Sea of Mines

|I love the wide horizon and bright light of the sea shore and since I live near the beach probably more sea designs will float


Wedding Bells

Big wedding bells for a petite lawyer. She had some REALLY big pearls in mind. I found these babies in Germany. The diamonds are set

Sea of Mines Pams Lab

Sea of Mines

Sea mines as a symbol for a subdued desire. I love the wide horizon and bright light of the sea shore and since I live

drijfhout PamsLab

Beach & Woods

Broche made of a casted branch from the woods and driftwood from the beach at my home town. Material silver, pearls, driftwood

wolfgang tillmans

Colorful Future

These fantastic works are raising questions about the pace of technological change. The abstract photographs are created through a combination of dark room mistakes and experimentations.

pijnboompitjes PamsLab

Pine Nut Poem

“I’m calling this poem ‘Roated Pine Nuts’: Nothing is happening – Nothing is happening – Nothing is happening – Oh, everything is burnt. Poet Rianne

Resilience PamsLab

Symbol of strength & resilience

A beautiful 70 yr old lady came into the atelier for a special jewel. She lost her husband and now wanted her strength expressed. She

SJohn PamsLab

Semiotical multilayers

Wonderful stuff, cut with a water jet cutter, painted and shaped into jewellery. Material macrodol, acrylic paint Jewellery Svenja John: “Jewellery conveys an individuality that no clothes can do, and it

goldean mean calipers PamsLab


Happy with my new tool. Buy Golden mean calipers, New Zealand

25 Years not-married

February 18, Hugo and I are together for 25 years 🙂 Thanks to him, I still illustrate: the girl was drawn in Illustrator, the rest

Out of this world

|Exploring working with meteorites; museums and archeologists are telling me where to get the real stuff. Still finding out how to work with the unknown (the

Controlled unpredictability

|December 2018 I was asked for a large illustration project for Nationale Nederlanden. All figurative drawings were in watercolor. If I should have one goal