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18ct Puss Luna

|Late wedding ring Luna for a client-friend. In the original design the new owner’s husband was 3D-scanned, and placed on top of the cat (all

His not too amiable jewels

|“Your jewellery is too amiable” a friend said after seeing my first expo. I understood what he meant. Time for a change: more easy going,

Mickey pin 4 H.

|Tie pin related to a vintage Mickey Mouse. Materials 1st grade silver, green freshwater pearl


|This Disney & Moschino for H&M hoodie inspired me to make that Mickey tie pin. Buy Forget online, call H&M

Not for the shy – Moschino@H&M

|Every year I’m curious for the new H&M designer’s collection. This year it’s all glitter & Disney. I’ve got my hand on the long boots


|Love this work + theme. The Classic Greeks were convinced that nature was designed around the Golden Ratio. Still today nature presents perfect examples of order, structure,

K10D 2018 > my 1st expo

|You’re very welcome at my first exposition with beach finds at my atelier: Kleine Dorpsstraat 22, Bergen NH. Theme ‘Enlightenment’ Price range € 22 – € 1.695 Date October

Sealinks – K10D 2018

|For the locks of these ‘Zeeband’/’Link to the Sea’ bracelets, I’ve Diapadded my first ball (L) casted a very thin baby mussel (M) and some

Eyeballing – K10D 2018

|In 2018 @ Catawiki, men’s jewellery sells best. Still don’t know what to do with these Diapadded silver balls and that very fragile bird’s skull

End of Summer – K10D 2018

|Earrings ‘End of Summer’ Material 18k gold and 38 blue gradient sapphires Price € 1.160 Here (at FB) you can see them move…

They never drew before

|Together with Katinka Krijgsman I’ve been teaching a drawing class for ‘VrouwenNetwerkBergen’ and the results were AMAZING. Lots of women never drew before. The drawing

Beach finds – K10D 2018

|My first jewellery exposition will be a prêt-à-porter-collection of beach finds. I’ll be one of the 291 exposing artists at 168 locations in my home

18k Pussy

|For months I’ve worked on this after-wedding-ring. It had to be exactly as in the mind & eyes of the client. At this pic I’m

Look inside the inside – J750

|We have to wait one more year for this amazing full-color, multi-material 3D printer to operate for anyone (@ Shapeways). It can visualize delicate structures by

Ambiguities of form

|Materials best for industry are not always best for humanity. This designer researched material resources and their processes which lead to a series of sculptural