the near future is about feeling rather than thinking, intuition versus reason - Li Edelkoort

Roughly 4 billion years ago, gold was born out of a collusion of neutron stars with earth. Gold is an optimistic colour, with its light that gives life, like the sun. At this moment (2020) gold is experiencing it’s Golden Age. 

There are just 4 precious stones: 

Made of pure carbon, diamonds symbolize fearlessness and true love. The diamonds I use are either rough or VVSI (Very, very slightly included, 3x excellent).

Green emeralds are rare. They are one of the most expensive gems and inclusions are normal. Emerald is said to reveal faithfulness amongst lovers, and to promote good health and bring luck. Emerald is traditionally given to celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary.

The possession of a red ruby ​​is a promise of happy life and happiness. It is also said to distract the mind from bad thoughts. In the Middle Ages, the ruby ​​symbolized the blood of Christ and kings wore it on their crown as a sign of their faith.

Blue sapphires symbolize honesty, truth, and fidelity. The medieval saint Hildegarde of Bingen affirmed that by licking it frequently, one could become more intelligent! 

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There are 4 pearl types which vary in terms of size, shape, colour and value.

  1. Chinese FRESHWATER pearls are grown in rivers and lakes. They are the most widely available pearls with an appealing price.
  2. Japanese AKOYA pearls are saltwater pearls. They feature spherical shapes with a beautiful luster.
  3. French Polynesian TAHITIAN pearls are saltwater pearls, which come in shades of grey, blue, green, and purple.
  4. Australian SOUTH SEA pearls are the largest of all and feature white, cream, and golden hues. My favorite!