Biographical Jewellery

commissioned pieces

jewels reflecting the owner’s individuality >>> an epitome of luxury


Orange cuffs PamsLab

Check out these snazzy cufflinks fit for a Dutch Orange business! They’re personalized with initials and have super fresh orange enamel (shoutout to Ralph Bakker). 

Taste of salt

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As we spoke, she shared her deep affection for the rhythmic clinking of her mother’s bangles, which brought back cherished memories. This exquisite piece is made of a recycled 18k gold necklace with gradient sapphires to sweep her back to her most happy place: the sea!


This golden heart adorned with rubies & sapphires holds precious memories of a cherished loved one, he was also a friend of mine. The befriended client drew this heart herself. Inside the heart, there is a hidden message that carries a value beyond measure. This golden pendant serves as a reminder of the deep connection she made with him, love is what truly matters in life. 

Golden pendant with rubies & sapphires


Zijdiegaan PamsLab

You can honor someone in so many ways after he is gone. This crying heart is a way to keep a dear friend’s memory alive. ‘Zij die gaan hebben gelijk’ is Dutch for ‘The ones who do, are right’, meaning: keep moving forward and just do things! It was an honor to create the silver brooch to commemorate his legacy and present it to his wife.

silver Brooche



Earrings symbolizing the bull of Crete, made of a Cretan’s mother’s recycled necklace. Nice coincidence is that both her parents are zodiac sign Taurus.

18k White and yellow gold, diamonds


A friend and his sons made up sweet words for their rock, like Krachtpatser (Powerhouse), Superheld (Super Hero) and Vrije Vogel (Free Bird). Let’s take inspiration from them and create our own happy surprises along the way too!
Necklace of recycled 18kt alloy heirloom gold and silver. 


Took some time figuring these out. The ear wings stay nice & snug to the ears. Silver. 295€


Seti Pamslab

Ultra thin silver enameled discs hang free under the earlobes. Some 14k gold holds on to the ear. With the help of Ralph Bakker (enamel). 485€


I swore never to make an organic ring like this again – it’s a pain in the ass to make. But I gave in when one of my oldest fiends asked me to make these rings for her as well as for both daughters. Most diamonds are Triple Excellent VVSII, some little diamonds are greyish, my friend found those in a garage sale! Typical M, so economical, so rich. 18k gold, diamonds




There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye. There is no fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as you wander by – Harmine April 29 – Silver bracelet

Forever yours

ForeverYoursFB PamsLab

Silver enamel on silver wedding rings with Dutch love poems by Gerrit Komrij, roughly translated:

They are on top of each other, scabies on eczema, you can hear the flakes snap – dandruff blows up – their skulls shine like tiaras.

I am your material – sniff me – lurk in my throat, my heart, my ass, my stomach – curse me a thousand times or hug me – its fine with me – I love you.

precious heart

Moederdag PamsLab

For a warm-hearted someone. Precious coral, 18k gold, oxidized silver

GEEF MIJN Portie maar aan fikkie

Bracelet for someone who discovered she had a brain tumor. Luckily an innocent one. After the operation, as soon as she will feel great again, I’ll take the plastic letters off, so a silver and gold arm piece remains. ‘Geef mijn portie maar aan Fikkie’ means something like ‘I’m fucked and wish someone else would take this part over from me’. Plastic, silver, 18k gold.


“The moment I saw Pam’s ring with the text BSUR, I knew this would fit me like a glove. Except that it contained my initials, which would make it as personal as a signature, a ring which screamed it’s okay to “Be as you are” would transform my ancestral dead weight of wedding rings in a drawer into a meaningful precious keepsake. As if they were looking down on me as guardian angels. Moreover, it is my life’s adage.” – Brigitte Sie – GOLD




Het mooiste moment is het nu – the best moment is now. in memory of jaap.
recycled 18k gold


Ring made of two recycled wedding rings, for a woman who married the same man twice. A reunion with ups & downs (this time more ups!) 14k gold


Silver ring which cannot oxidise/turn black – so it always looks new – reads ‘VOOR ALTIJD JONG’ (Forever Young). Made for someone who hates to turn 65, in Size 64 😉

3-toe beach walker (sandpiper)

IMG 9185

Love the way these small sandpipers (Calidris Alba) run after the waves, to catch a little treat in the wet sand. It is the fave animal of a befriended client. Made of recycled 18k gold & pearls of her mom and a 14k shell pin of her dad.

Calidris PamsLab
Calidrislock PamsLab


Lovely cherry blossom – I want to see you – Blooming with perfection – Give me happiness – No other could bring. 18k recycled gold

tell me about the waves

Tell Me About PamsLab

each handmade link of this 18k gold bracelet is stamped ‘750’, the baby mussel – found at the local beach in Bergen – is made of oxidized silver


For 15 years her mom’s favourite sphere ear clips were hiding in a drawer. After turning them inside out, these kapoor-like discs infinitely reflect the light, as if they are happy to see the daylight. recycled 14k gold

Witches' Broom

My mom’s boyfriend commissioned a witches’ broom for her 85th B’Day. Such a funny request. I’ve carved the two-sided broom in wax (0,5 gram) and transformed it into 8 gr 18k gold (with silver cord)


in ancient greece the emerald was linked to the goddess of love. when the wearer was unfaithful, the emerald would change colour and betray her. emeralds set in 24kt gold with uncut diamonds in 18kt.


BIKE chain for MY man who is bicycling from the netherlands to rome. the lock reads O-Y: Only you. AAAA 0.8 cm pearls, silver. size 56 cm

turning 21

a family tradition: pearls for a 21 year old girl’s Birthday. recycled 14kt gold with silver light baroque 7,5mm pearls

I got the w!

Two golden links in a silver bracelet for a bride to be. The lock reads ‘i got the w’. 18kt gold, silver

3 generations

a family tradition: pearls for a 21 year old girl’s Birthday. recycled 14kt gold with silver light baroque 7,5mm pearls


Two golden links in a silver bracelet for a bride to be. The lock reads ‘i got the w’. 18kt gold, silver


MoedigVoorwaarts PamsLab

40 grams of recycled 18kt gold (from granny’s jewels) turned into a 127 cm long necklace. the locks hide 4 inscriptions by both daughters. the lock hides the clients motto: ‘BRAVE FORWARD’


18kt (recycled) Gold earrings for a woman who emigrated from the USA to the netherlands after her divorce to start a new life with her first beau: reading:
‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply, gives you courage’.


MosEmeralds PamsLab

my bff – who saved these pearls from some old earrings – asked for elegant ear pins for daily use. 14kt gold, emeralds, rough diamonds, pearls


You'reMines PamsLab

18kt and pearl Sea Mine earrings, ordered by a husband for his wife at their 25th wedding anniversary. These guys have quite an explosive relationship but love each other ’till death do us part’.


resilience PamsLab

A beautiful 70 yr old lady came into the atelier for a special jewel. She lost her husband and now wanted her strength expressed. She asked me to add some of her birthstones. Since she also really liked the beach and the dunes, three layers of gold marram grass are waving in the same direction, as a symbol of her resilience & strength. Material 18kt gold, sapphires

I'll Keep an eye on you

StevenCries PamsLab

Memory-pendants made of a drawing by my friend artist steven oprinsen who passed away in 2020. for both his daughters. silver, 18kt gold

Rinie's Heart

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He died so unexpected and his wife wanted to keep his ashes in a heart the size of her hand. i thought it would have been beautiful to cover the heart with intimate WhatsApp messages in a curly font but she preferred a fingerpr. Silver, 18kt gold, black diamond


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the lady who bought this big ring had the favourite lines of her husband hand-engraved in it. she is wearing it at her pinkie. this ring can stand on it’s base. rock crystal, silver

diamond dust

DoubleDiamondDust PamsLab

A grandma wanted to give her grand daughter an organic ring set with multiple stones. Diamonds, 18kt gold

portrait (gerard)

Gerard brooche in ink Pams Lab

Commissioned gold brooche with a heart-lock. After I drew his portrait (50 x 70 cm), I digitalized it, and created a 1.2 mm gold wire portrait with 35 joints. recycled 18kt gold

age as given me me

Age Has Given Me Me PamsLab

portrait of marina – mad men style. this high gloss gold brooche was made of 5 grams 18kt gold with seed pearls. size ± 5 x 5 cm




Brooche Mo Gerard PamsLab

this portrait brooche was commissioned as one of two for a 25th wedding anniversary. VERY ROMANTIC MOMENT WHEN HE SAID HE WILL TAKE HER BROOCHE INTO HIS GRAVE. 18kt gold, brown diamond

symbols 4 hope

Symbols4HopeW PamAsselbergs

18kt (recycled family) gold and silver modern charm bracelet for a texan student ordered by her mom. together with the mother i designed 40 symbols, visualizing hope’s life.

lady justice

Mermaid Justice PamsLab

As a little child, she adored little mermaid Ariel. this bracelet is for her american law degree. recycled 18kt gold, silver, diamond


LunaBIO PamsLab

Sphinx cocktail ring. The cat was first hand-carved in wax (watch the process at ‘behind the scenes’) until it looked like the client’s pet. a tiny 3D-scan of the husband in gold, sat on the back of the cat, but she preferred just the cat. 18kt gold, colored diamonds.

dog 4 WOLF

Dogring PamA

my son loves dogs but i did not want to mother a dog, so to make up i’ve made him this piece. silver, 18kt gold


Lodewijk process PamsLab

a couple of Months before my father died, I started on this portrait-lock bracelet for my mother’s 80th birthday. she wears it now with a new beau on her side. the gold was recycled from a traditional Dutch head clasp and the beautiful antique 1cm corals are recycled from an antique Dutch necklace which I found on the web.. 18kt gold, precious corals 


Elke PamsLab

‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO THE BRAVE’. stamped ring for a 15 year old girl in memory of her father. 18kT GOLD yellow and WHITE GOLD, VVSI DIAMOND.

wedding bells


Big mama pearls customized for a very petite lady who married during her cancer treatment. diamonds, 18kt gold, light baroque pearls

39 stars in heaven

Petra PamsLab

After her husband passed away, she asked me to make her a memory ring from both their 14kt white gold wedding bands. I turned them inside out, joined them by a gold ring symbolizing their daughter. 15 big diamonds were added for the daughter’s age and 24 small diamonds as they were married for 39 years.