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|Dutch retailer HEMA just announced the winners of its yearly design competition. This bicycle carrier won the first prize. It is called ‘Vrachtpatser’ which means

Strong personalities

|This week I had the privilege to drive several new Jaguars, like the beautiful XKR and the sophisticated XJL with it’s adventuresome bright purple details,

So fashionable

|Jean Paul Gaultier still is one of the most hip fashion designers, but for this interior he is following the green fashion to the letter.

Semi-automatic fence

|At the Dutch island of Vlieland, farmers use this traditional, functional and very pretty design for the opening and closing of fences. Photo Pam

Sweetie pie

|A Dutch catholic tradition that I celebrated myself: the first communion. Photo Isabella Roozendaal

Squeeze it

|Moving fashion shoot for online fashion store Ssense. Design Reed + Rader (Via Today and Tomorrow)

Fierce wanderlust

|Semi-abstract images by Mirabelle Marden to be seen at Kimberley Brown Gallery in London, where Marden searches alongside painter Dana Schutz and sculptor Anthea Hamilton for the line between

Easy seduction

|For 5 years Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink pictured the seduction of international car girls. Book design Irma Boom

The beauty of nothingness

|Designer Nicolas Cheng has designed a range of brooches made of nothing: just some bits of loofah, sponge and cotton. Nothingness is void, poetry, unpretentious modest,

Shared intelligence

|May 20, 2011 opens the first major museum exhibition to survey the highly productive relationship of painting to photography in the American 20th-century. The photograph’s

Black pulp

|My column for this weeks’ NRC magazine is about the beautiful pulp objects by Jo Meesters. Photo Lisa Klappe

Singing salt

|This is weird and beautiful: click here to see patterns just made by tones. Art Meara O’Reilly Film Lisa Foti-Straus

Irma Boom

|Do not miss the retrospective of the world’s best book designer Irma Boom at the UVA, Oude Turfmarkt 129, Amsterdam, June 4 – Oktober 3.

Eco dream

|Brilliant idea for Amsterdam: bacteria that produce electricity and power a system that moves the water, enabling bioluminescent bacteria to thrive and glow a turqoise


|Granta publishes the finest new fiction and non-fiction from around the world. Theme of their latest issue is sex, the oldest obsession, the centre of


|My fourth column for Dutch newspaper NRC is about an environment friendly fun thing called Make-Do, designed in Australia. It consists of three basic nylon

Brand utility

|Click here for an interesting presentation about brand utility by Ingmar de Lange, who has a love/hate relationship with marketing.

Ash cloud

|Today the European air traffic is again on the ground because of the ash cloud of Eyjafjallajökull. Photo Sigursteinn Baldursson

Far away

|The Motor is open again after a wonderful trip to Egypt.


|We Europe is launching new concept stores in Europe. The furniture for every store differs (designed by Moooi). You can shoot your picture via the