Attention & Attraction – Karl Fritsch

KarlFritsch18 themotor 1|This jewellery designer produces like a Picasso; his hand-shaped and controlled rawness is spread all over the globe. During his studies in Munich he tried to make disgusting looking jewellery’. Jewellery designer Karl Fritsch: “My aunties fridge is also dangerous and I describe this in my jewellery. My rings are made from the same neccessity that prevents my aunties from buying a new fridge. They think it is still good enough even though it is completely busted – there´s hardly any shelves left inside, the freezer door is gone and any food stored too close to the freezer starts to freeze. It is out of control and only with alot of practice can you spread your butter just right. It is still a fridge but it´s also miles away from a fridge, and has turned into a thing with a whole new character.” Buy Ornamentum