Walking over water with Christº

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christo_themotor|Christo invited us to walk over the most beautiful lake. I just hád to see this dahlia-yellow walkway with my own eyes: so I was there :)) Christo (81) was there, on a raft during a big thunderstorm: “I don’t like anything about computers. Young people today on their flat screens, it’s all virtual; nothing is real. All our projects involve real things – real wind, real sun, real wet, real danger, real drama. This will never take place again. That’s why it’s so exciting.” I hope to get a little piece of fabric from the installation (unfortunately I did not). Location Sulzano, Italy Open until July 3, 2016 Follow Webcam (sun is shining!) Art The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne- Claude

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