BigHeartRingSide PamsLab

Every Day is Valentine's Day

fat heart leaning in an angle on a square ring. material 925 silver

BSUR ring PamsLab


Be As You Are, 18kt gold ring with sapphires and a big cushion rose quartz

take me to the moon

Wear the sea near you with this aquamarine. The stone in this tip-over-ring is partly cut. 18ct gold, aquamarine

DoubleDiamondDust PamsLab


A loud of small diamonds at an organic ring. Material: 14kt gold, 1.5-1.7-2-2.5 mm SI diamonds

Gold Diamond pams Lab


marry yourself with a diamond made of gold.

space in me

Look into the future with this fit-to-made ring. each piece will be hand-carved in wax. rock crystal, pure silver. size 3,4 x 2,4 x 5,6 cm. this piece is sold. new ring made to order.