Happiest period of my life – Picasso

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picasso-themotor|Picasso’s dream was that anyone could own one of his works. This summer, his grandchild Marina, will sell 126 pieces of Picasso’s ceramics. She owns more than 10,000 of his works, including some 300 paintings. Sensualist Picasso made around 3000 ceramic objects and thousands and thousands of drawings. During art school, I saw the simple ink drawings at the Picasso museum in Paris and Barcelona, and how I loved the bull fighting series. When Marina’s grandpa died without a will, she inherited a fifth of his estate. Picasso treated her family really bad, so her first gesture after inheriting his Cannes-villa was to turn all Picasso’s paintings to face the wall (would have loved to see that!). Since it was an inheritance without love, the upcoming auction is her way of turning the page. Auction Sotheby’s, June 25, 2015

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