Last pleasures

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lastpleasures|Death row prisoners’ written requests for food were gathered by the artist from public records and meticulously re-created. The inmates were refused alcohol and could only receive a meal costing up to $40. Victor Feguer, 28 (L) was jailed for kidnap and murder. He simply requested a single unpitted olive – presented on a huge ceramic plate and accompanied with a knife and fork. Executed by hanging in 1963. John Wayne Gacy, 52 (R) worked as a clown and was convicted of rape and 33 counts of murder. He opted for 12 fried shrimp, a bucket of original recipe KFC, french fries topped with a pound of strawberries. Executed by lethal injection. Art Henry Hargreaves: “An olive is believed to be a symbol of rebirth, so to be buried with an olive pit in your stomach is an interesting notion”

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