Beach & Woods

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18b5ccdda257fb7dd817448174d05ee9|Broche made of a casted branch from the woods and driftwood from the beach at my home town. Material silver, pearls, driftwood Price SOLD

Happy choker Lies

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NecklaceLiesS pamasselbergs|When I make presents for friends I often just grap all materials around me and make something out of it. This time I’d just visited a stone setter who milled the square emeralds inside the pearls.

Big bracelet

bolarmband 1|1st Grade silver bracelet with a 3.12 carat smoky quartz set next to the polished hammered hemisphere. I forged the band (left) and frosted it with just a Scotchbride.

Me smiling at you

smiley_PamAsselbergs|For my first medaillon I melted some forgotten 14 karat gold earrings (eyes) and used a small left-over piece of gold chain, made a tiny toggle clasp, and got the wee rings soldered (still swiping the sweat of my forehead 🙂