Best iPod speakers 2010-2011

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speakers5|Since I am looking for new speakers I can as well share my findings: 1 Bower & Wilkins’ award winning Zeppelin Air has been improved after a cooperation with Apple, with a punchier bass and a more lifelike, highly detailed and room-filling sound. All reviews are wild about this speaker, although you may need two, to fill your house with sound. The new Zep has five drivers—two midrange—and each has its own amplifier. Total power is rated at 150 Watts. € 595. Available in March. 2 The Bang & Olufson Beosound 8 absolutely has the best looks, but is almost twice as expensive as the Zeppelin, almost as good, but less great when the volume has been turned up. € 980. 3 The Soul Superfly Zu Audio is the most expensive and should be wildly satisfying. € 2,775/pair. 4 The Audioengine A5 laminated bamboo speakers have sonic benefits over the standard white fiberboard model, with built-in power amps. Great reviews on this one too. € 335.