You always find the exit at the entrance – Manfred Bischoff

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ManfredBischoff themotor|Important for this work is the pre-explosive waiting before the making, like Max Verstappen at the start of a race. According to the intellectual artist (1947-2015) “The highest form of thinking should remain passive while acting.” He meant that after you’ve given a meaning to a piece (concept), it should be created effortless in the best materials. Because even materials accrete meaning (he only used 22K gold). So the golden object is the physical metaphor for the concept. L: Sleeping God (God Pan represented as a phallus in coral with three nymphs (diamonds). R: Highest Activity – Widest Passivity (rocking chair on a bed of planar surfaces). Jewelry Manfred Bischoff

PS Apologies for the low res images

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