E(xtra)-Fun – E-Méhari

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emehari_themotor|I’ve always loved the small Suzuki LJ80 and now it’s time to buy one produced b … Citroën. Spring 2016 the E-Mehari shall be released, in France only. Since I’ll be moving to the Dutch coast line, I would love one. The white version is the new concept car designed by Courrèges, unfortunately this one’s not for sale. Since 2002, Courrège’s wife Coqueline, was already involved with three electric cars and this special small electric jeep was definitely designed with women in mind. The Courrèges version brings a single-spoke steering wheel, white mats, a line of luggage, and a plexiglas roof with frosted finish. The black or orange-red soft-top can be folded out to cover the entire vehicle. The interior is either beige or orange-red. The body is from thermoformed plastic, resilient to rust much like its ancestor and can be hosed down inside as well as out. The raised chassis allows all-terrain driving. The only big drawback: the dry Lithium Metal Polymer batteries are not being weather-sensitive but recharging them takes a whole 13 hours when you plug it in at home. Top speed 110 km/h Range 200 km Price € 25,000 Car E-Méhari

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